Fire Safety Training

For Owners / Developers and Industrial Facilities
International Fire Engineering Consultants (IFEC) offers a wide range of services to the Facility Owners & Real Estate Developers and Industrial facilities including but not limited to the following services:

IFEC provide a basic level of fire awareness training tailored to the companies’ or individual requirements, which can be delivered on-site, which includes a practical element within the training session. Our training programme provides a good understanding of fire safety at workplace and home includes but not limited to following premises.
  Hotels and Resorts
  Residential Tower Buildings
  Office Tower Buildings
  Shopping Complexes
  Storage warehouses and logistic warehouses
  Cinema, theatres and Auditoriums
  Educational buildings such as schools, colleges, universities etc
  Car park Buildings
  Art Galleries & Museums
  Hospitals and Health clinics
  Archives & Libraries
  Prisons and other Institutional facilities
  Food and Beverages factories
  Wood and Furniture factories
  Automobile Industries
  Chemical factories and Laboratories
  Textile garments and spinning mills
  Rubber and Plastic Factories
  Petro-chemical factories
  Petroleum Refineries
  LPG and Natural Gas Storage and Handling facilities
  Flammable liquid storage areas
  On shore and off shore platforms
  Airports, Sea ports and Air craft and Helicopter Hangars
  Ammunition stores and other defence facilities
  Electric Power Generation and De-salination plants
  Electric power sub stations
  Paint and varnish factories