Annual Fire & Life Safety Audit

For Owners / Developers and Industrial Facilities
International Fire Engineering Consultants (IFEC) offers a wide range of services to the Facility Owners & Real Estate Developers and Industrial facilities including but not limited to the following:
Fire Protection Systems Review
IFEC reviewing drawings and installations of fire protection systems for existing facilities for the purpose of evaluating design, function and code compliance. These evaluations provide a sound basis upon which building owners, property managers and architects/engineers can make decisions regarding retrofit or replacement of fire protection systems.
Fire Protection Systems Evaluation

IFEC conducting evaluations for existing fire protection systems to measure critical factors such as life expectancy, expansion capability, and modification potential. These evaluations provide the framework for cost-effective approaches to upgrading facilities.

Annual Fire & Life Safety audit covers the following aspects:
Auditing of Passive Fire Safety :
  Means of egress/ evacuation.
  Fire Compartmentation.
  LPG installations.
Auditing of Active Fire Safety :
  Fire extinguishers.
  Fire alarm control panel.
  Heat and smoke detectors.
  Break Glass Units.
  Emergency and exit lighting.
  Fire water supply.
  Fire pumps.
  Hose reels.
  Wet/dry riser system.
  Sprinkler systems.
  Wet chemical suppression system
  Gas detection.
  Water spray deluge system.
  Foam systems.
  Sprinkler systems.
  Water mist systems.
  Gaseous fire suppression systems.
All the above aspects will be verified with the latest applicable codes & standards and recommendations will be formulated in the fire & life safety review report.