Fire Protection System Engineering & Shop Drawings

For EPC / Main Contractors and MEP / Fire Protection System Sub contractors
International Fire Engineering Consultants (IFEC) offers a wide range of services to EPC & Main Contractors and MEP/Fire Protection system sub-contractors including but not limited to the below services:
IFEC offers Code Consulting services by Analysing the applicable building / facility, life safety and fire protection codes and standards to provide guidance for the design of fire protection systems which will meet these prescriptive requirements. The analysis will also identify where performance-based alternative approaches may be used to meet the intent of the code and satisfy the project objectives.
Preparation of design & work shop drawings for all types of fire detection and fire protection system to enable the fire protection contractor to install the fire safety systems correctly.
Preparation of detailed engineering on the basis of value engineering to fit within the budget and mainly adopting cost saving techniques and provide assistance to the project team for completion of project within the stipulated time.
Preparation of computerised software based Hydraulic calculations to ensure correct pipe sizes, outflow openings, fire water supply flow and pressure are determined adequately in accordance with applicable codes & standards.
Preparation of layout and schematic diagrams for fire detection & alarm and fire fighting systems.
Preparation of method of statements (ITP) installation, testing & commissioning plan for all types of fire detection and fire protection system.
Third party witness certification of fire detection and fire protection system performance test during final handing over to the end user’s.
Preparation of technically & commercially competitive Tenders for major Industrial and complex projects during bidding including preparation of conceptual design brief, schematic designs, P&ID drawings, Bill of materials and budgetary cost estimates.
Preparation of AS BUILT record drawings and Operation & Maintenance manuals and other related close out documents required for final handing over of the projects to the end users.